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It is likely that the first interaction that a client or guest has with your space is online. Having great photos helps you draw the buyers or clients you want. Taking the time to prepare for the photographs will pay off.

When I arrive let's go over the highlights of the space. I will take a couple feature pictures of the things which you feel are of note.

Preparing your home for a photo shoot is a breeze if you think about it as if you're preparing your space for friends, family, or a welcome guest to arrive. Consider things they may need to know if they were arriving at your home for the first time: what do they need to access (appliances, towels, etc.)? What can be tucked away (cables, clutter, trash cans)? Does the furniture balance the space or does it look crowded/sparse? What rooms will they have access to? A tidy laundry room or cupboard can help someone feel at home in addition to the thoughtfulness and care put into the main rooms.

I'd love to share with you some tips on things to consider when preparing your home, vacation rental, or real estate listing for a photo shoot!

Inside General Tips

1. Ensure all the light bulbs work in lamps, ceiling fans, as well as wall & ceiling fixtures. Use bulbs of the same temperature (ALL incandescent or ALL compact fluorescent).

2. Turn on all the lights (especially feature lights such as under cupboard/spotlights) & open all the curtains to let in the sunshine.

3. Dust off all surfaces & tuck away cables.

4. Pets and clean pet beds & bowls are a welcome addition if you want your guests to know their pets are welcome too! If not, please tuck away pet supplies and pets.

5. Turn off the fans. They will turn out blurry in photographs because a slow shutter speed is used to help your space feel bright!

6. Declutter--give everything a home in your home. Clear surfaces to be as empty as possible.

7. Temporarily take down seasonal decorations.

Tips for Main Rooms (Kitchen, living/game room, bathrooms, bedrooms)


1. Remove everything from the outside of the fridge.

2. Wipe down counter tops.

3. Avoid putting anything in the sink.

4. Hide soaps & sponges.

5. Hide trash can.


1. Make the beds & fluff the pillows.

2. Hide personal items such as clothes and photographs.


1. Put down the toilet seat.

2. For vacation rentals, place folded towels on towel racks.

3. Clean the mirrors, sinks, tubs, & glass showers.

4. Polish chrome fixtures.

Living & Game rooms

1. Hide remotes & turn off T.V.

2. Tidy toys & games.

3. Fluff couch pillows.

Outside General Tips

1. If possible, park your car where it will not be seen from a front/street view of the home.

2. Sweep & tidy walkways and patios.

3. Set up patio furniture in seating arrangement and open umbrella (if applicable).

4. Flowers and plants add a great pop of colour.

5. Choose an appointment time that will flatter your space. Daylight is best with the sun shining on the front of the house.

6. If there are gates to access the pool (or other special amenities), please be ready to show the photographer where the pool is and to let them in to take a few shots.

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